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I answer every question personally and am in the kitchen making chocolate every day so I’ll ask for just a little patience. If your inquiry is time sensitive, please email: urgent@gnosischocolate.com and cc: vanessa@gnosischocolate.com and aida@gnosischocolate.com. We’re a very small team and want to make sure we don’t miss anything!

I truly look forward to the honor of making chocolate for you!

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Mother's Day Collection

Dearest Sons & Daughters, Husbands & Fathers, Chocolate-Loving Friends,

Where would we be without Mothers? 
Who would we have become without them?
As it turns out -- without mothers we would not BE... at all! 

Mother's Day is an invitation to thank the givers of life. All of us have life-givers close to us to thank and celebrate - a mother, partner, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunt, friend, or coworker*. Let's take a day to cherish their life's work and to nurture them as they have nurtured the entire human race.

And, since you continue to cultivate the sacred seed of life with your every waking hour, make sure to nurture yourself as well with nutritious foods and healthy indulgences. Let's celebrate the opportunity to breathe sweetness, taste freedom, and feel vibrancy in each moment of our existence.


🌸 Mother’s Day Delivery 🌸

Free shipping via Priority Mail will be applied to all orders over $75!

Our official cutoff for guaranteed delivery by Friday was Sundat 5/5 at 11:59p. Although we’re past that, we always cater to last-minute orders! If placed by Tuesday evening, we will ship on Wednesday as long as you’ve selected “This is for Mother’s Day” at checkout. Please check the USPS the delivery map (click here)

eg: f you live in NYC and are in a 1 day ship zone, please add 1 day for me to make your chocolate and 1 day for USPS Priority to deliver!

Mother’s Day Gift Collection

Mother’s Day Gift Collection SAVE 20%!

Chocolate Bouquet Truffles

MammaChoc Bar (with CBD)

Let's show not only that we Love the Mothers in our lives… Let's honor creation itself - THE GIFT OF LIFE!!! What better way to celebrate Life than the world's healthiest chocolate? If they’ve given you life - in any way - we say… GIVE THEM CHOCOLATE!

*please let us know the nature of your gift, so we may package it accordingly- let us know if there is any way we can customize! :D