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Passion Elixir


Passion Elixir


Passion Elixir


Net Wt. 8oz. (224g)

Ingredients: raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, maca*, horny goat weed*, damiana*, fo ti*, dong quai*, Love. *organic

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Just add to hot or cold water, herbal tea, coffee, mylkshake, or any recipe that calls for chocolate powder... and even ones that don't!

Aaaahhh…Gnosis Passion Elixir… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I love thee for thy mouth-watering, heart-opening cacao, it pleases my palate and inspires passion.

I love Magnesium that relaxes my smooth muscle tissue and calms my beating heart, as well as they Anandamide, the cannabinoid neurotransmitter known as “the bliss chemical.” Thy Tryptophan eases my anxiety and thy Theobromine, being a vasodialator, helps deliver all thy phenomenal nutrients and medicinal herbs throughout this humble being.

I love thee for thy Horny Goat Weed that, legend has it, restoress passion, boosts erectile function, alleviates fatigue, and soothes menopausal discomfort, and - Zounds! - even looks to any disorders of my liver, joints and kidneys as may ensue.

I love thee for thy Damiana from Central and South America and the Caribbean.  It tones, balances, and strengthens my central nervous system. I love thee all the more since Damiana also stimulates sexuality, and combats stress, depression, and anxiety.

I love thee for thy Dong Quai which has been used in China, Korea, and Japan for more than a thousand years as spice, tonic, and medicine, and is sometimes called the “female ginseng.”  Thy Dong Quai’s most frequent application is in the area of women’s reproductive problems, where it is used to relieve cramps, irregular cycles, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and menopausal symptoms.

I love thee, dearest, also for thy Fo Ti (also called He shou wu - “black-haired Mr. He” in Chinese – referring to the legendary elderly villager [Mr. He] whose black hair and vitality was restored by taking fo-ti). Love, in Chinese medicine, thy fo-ti is a longevity tonic that is used to promote hair growth, restore pigment to greying hair, and to combat premature aging, weakness, and lack of… passion.

But I love thee most of all darling, because thou exists solely to make me happy, and to set my love chakra a-spinning, and to create a blessed, chocolaty universe where Love in all its forms exist in harmonious balance, providing sweets for all the world’s sweethearts.