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SuperChoc Elixir


SuperChoc Elixir


SuperChoc Elixir


Net Wt. 8oz. (224g)

Ingredients: raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, siberian ginseng*, burdock root*, rose hips*, maca root*, açai powder*, ashwagandha*, reishi mushroom*, Love. *organic

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Just add to hot or cold water, herbal tea, coffee, mylkshake, or any recipe that calls for chocolate powder... and even ones that don't!

This is the hot chocolate of choice for those who like their chocolate to deliver on all levels. The SuperChoc Elixir is a powerful superfood herb blend clothed in the rich taste and creamy texture of raw, organic cacao.

This elixir offers health benefits to the body in four interrelated ways: Concentrated Antioxidants, Powerful Combinations of Adaptogens, Superfoods for the Brain, and Healing Tonics for the Blood.

Superfoods for the Brain – Do more than just feel smarter while you drink chocolate… give your body the tools it needs to enhance cognition with SuperChoc! The crowning cerebral benefit of the Superchoc Bar is raw cacao. Unprocessed cacao contains Phenethylamine (PEA), and it also contains anandamide, two chemical elements which the body naturally produces when we are having the best day ever. After all, intelligence is best appreciated in the state of bliss and joyfulness created by drinking raw, organic chocolate!

Concentrated Sources of Antioxidants – The SuperChoc elixir delivers more varieties of high-quality antioxidants than any raw, organic cacao elixir currently available. Cacao contributes an impressive array of antioxidants on its own, and açai powder. The combination of all these antioxidant sources in their raw forms offers far more to the body than any one of these raw superfoods taken alone. The name SuperChoc is well-earned.

Powerful Combinations of Adaptogens – The addition of Maca to the Gnosis SuperChoc elixir offers a moderating effect on the hormonal system while helping to promote fertility and enhance endurance. Maca combines so well with the other ingredients in SuperChoc thanks in part to the further addition of the adaptogens Ashwaghanda, Siberian Ginseng, and Reishi Mushroom extract by Mushroom Science.

Healing Tonics for the Blood  The river of life flows within us all, and the  SuperChoc elixir can help ensure that it flows purely, swiftly, and without obstacles. Burdock root has a long history of usage as a blood purifier and tonic, enabling us to manifest all the health benefits offered by the SuperChoc elixir smoothly and efficiently, leaving our senses ready to focus on pure enjoyment.