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Freedom Bar


Freedom Bar


Freedom Bar


Net Wt. 1.8oz. (50g)

Ingredients: 85% raw cacao beans*, lucuma*, carob*, cinnamon*, vanilla beans*, stevia*, Love. *organic

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 *Please note* this bar is 85% cacao and has a slight stevia end note

“I’m FREE… Free at last!!”

* Free from the sugar roller coaster! 
* Free to enjoy chocolate without worry or guilt!
* Free from the “natural” sweeteners that aren’t that natural after-all!
* Free from the ultra-processed erythritol, xylitol & inulin in other “stevia chocolate” bars!
* Free to dive into deep, dark, bitter-sweet cacao and in so doing, heal mind, body & soul!

Are you one of the 21 million Americans who must heavily restrict their sugar intake but love chocolate?  Do you have candida or diabetes and are looking to take in less than a few grams of sugar, even if it’s from agave or coconut sugar? If so, Gnosis’ Freedom Bar is a dream-come-true! Coupled with herbs to regulate your body’s metabolic response to sugar, this bar will help you get off that sugar roller coaster for good!

The Freedom Bar is your blood sugar’s good friend; The Freedom Bar is as low on the glycemic scale as you could ever go! The sweetener we use is your friend: Organic Stevia, and has none of the chemicals that compromise popular sugar substitutes. This little leaf is a miracle of nature - it’s incredibly sweet, but has Zero calories and Zero impact on blood sugar! We’ve added lucuma, carob, cinnamon, and vanilla to balance the flavor profile of this bar which will not leave that lingering stevia aftertaste! *Each serving (1/2 bar) has less than 1g of sugars, which are naturally present in carob pod & lucuma fruit)!*

I invite you to bring Freedom home to whisper its sweet no-things to you: no things of sugar or calories; no-things that affect your blood sugar; no-thing to appear on a glycemic scale. But every thing of the finest, high-integrity raw cacao and myriad functional ingredients that define Gnosis.