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Grenada Project

Going back to Grenada : June 2011!

vanessa barg

When I was working with cacao in December 2009, I personally saw the children affected by a 40% unemployment rate, by the lack of agricultural initiatives (besides the Grenada Chocolate Company's organic cacao farm cooperatives), and by the degradation of infrastructure after after the 2004 hurricane. I met a child who, abandoned by his parents, was used as a sex slave. I was moved to donate out of pocket to a friend who was helping at a nearby orphanage. Shortly after my return, my friend Clay Gordon introduced me to Neo Moreton of REACH Grenada. Since then, my heart has yearned to reach out and help them on their mission!

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to reach out and help   this center. I am currently here (June 25th to July 7th) working in the Emergency Shelters and churches that have been converted to orphanages and group homes. But beyond the work I'll do while physically in Grenada, I am excited about the work I'll continue upon my return. I believe the best way to help a country in need is through organic agriculture. I am in support of outsourcing work - but only if that work honors the culture of the people we are working with! Outsourcing technology does not support heritage, while organic agriculture is a powerful way to promote independence, economic health, and pride for their soil, their labor, the product of their soil.

Won't you help me REACH Grenada!?