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What is a holiday? Mother's Day isn't the only day we should pamper mothers, birthdays aren't the only day we should celebrate life, and Earth Day certainly isn't the only day we should bring our attention to environmental sustainability! Earth Day is an opportuity to bring awareness to those who haven't experienced the integrity of living in harmony with our home.

Did you know that simply by eating chocolate, you help to save the rainforests?
Cacao grows best in a diverse natural rainforest when it is intercropped with other tropical plants like bananas, mangoes, and guava - not monocropped. Theobroma cacao trees producing fine cacao beans are a high "cash crop," so when you purchase fine chocolate you are increasing the value of preserving a naturally biodiverse rainforest... along with the people who live in them!

Here are a few ways Gnosis shows Love for our Home, Planet Earth:

  •  Our chocolate bar boxes are 100% recycled, 80% post-consumer recycled, & FSC Certified*. We only use them for store orders to protect bars. "Recyclable" often still means virgin material was used - please demand higher integrity in labeling!
  •  Our truffle boxes & the bottom of our chocolate bar boxes are printed with veggie inks
  •  Our chocolate bar bags are made of NatureFlex and are biodegradable
  •  Our Jams & Spreads are packaged in glass, not plastic!
  •  Our Labels are FSC Certified, made of EarthFirst PLA, and certified as compostable.
  •  Our shipping materials are reused and we don't use bubble wrap. We even use the backs of our labels for padding instead of buying packing peanuts.
  •  Our printing paper is 100% post-consumer recycled.
  •  We minimize printed promotions and send out online newsletters instead! 
  •  During the summer, we never use styrofoam! We use reusable ice packs.   
  •  We ship the majority of our packages with the US Postal Service.
  •  And last but not least, we proudly support Organic Farming and Superfoods! We always choose the most sustainable option in every single step of our sourcing process.

*Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) "has developed a set of principles and criteria for forest management that are applicable to all FSC-certified forests throughout the world. There are 10 Principles and 57 Criteria that address legal issues, indigenous rights, labor rights, multiple benefits, and environmental impacts surrounding forest management."

At Gnosis, we know our company has the responsibility of making products that are healthy and delicious not only for your body and taste buds, but for the planet also. We strive to raise the bar (pun intended!) for other small companies like us. Sure, it's more expensive to package our goodies the way we do... but only in the short run. In the long run, we save much more by choosing the more environmentally sustainable option. By voting with our dollars, we are  shifting the marketplace to make these packaging options more affordable and available in greater variety. Possibilities are endless when we decide to stand up for integrity!


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