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An invitation to join us in celebrating the flavors of this glorious season!

Spiced Truffles - 4pc

1 of each truffle: Gingerbread, Spiced Orange, Chai Mylk & Eggnog $14.99

WINTERS TALE collection 20pc horizontal.png

Winter Alchemy Truffle Collection

A 20 piece assortment of all our seasonal truffles! $72.99


Gingerbread Truffles

A collection of all our available limited edition seasonal truffles!

Cranberry Truffles

Cranberry blood orange compote infused with elderberry and a layer of dark chocolate nutmeg creme


Pecan Pie Truffles

Farm-direct pecans and medicinal herbs for the immune system make this truffle something truly special!

chai mylk square.png

Chai Mylk Truffles

Mylk chocolate creme infused with masala chai spices. Like these, original chai contained no tea, milk, or sugar!


SnowMint Truffles

Snowmen filled with dark chocolate creme infused with pure peppermint essential oil!

Vanilla Pear Truffles

Pears blended into madagascar vanilla infused white chocolate and a layer of mylk chocolate creme.


Eggnog Creme Truffles

A virgin, vegan version of the traditional eggnog for those valiant beings who care for the health and happiness of all!

Spiced Orange Truffles

Dark chocolate creme infused with orange, holiday spice, and a kick of chipotle & cayenne peppers.