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Goldenberries  (1/2lb)


Goldenberries (1/2lb)


Goldenberries (1/2lb)

9.60 12.00

Net Wt. 1/2lb (8oz)

Ingredients: Organic Dried Goldenberries

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To keep our inventory as fresh as can be, we are offering our ingredients to you at wholesale prices! See, it takes us quite some time to get through 30kg of maca! I purchase these ingredients in large bulk, so I can offer them to you at a great cost. I'm so happy to share this!

I source every ingredient with the utmost care for your health. I ensure that they are produced with as much human Love and respect for the environment as we maintain in our kitchen. These products have integrity.

They are all raw and mostly certified organic (some herbs are wildcrafted), and come in recycled, reclosable, reusable bags. If you would like any ingredient in our bars but don't see it here, tell me how much you'd like and I'll send you our price. This is a work in progress and we plan to add more to it! We offer different methods of payment. No order is too large - whether 1lb or 10,000. I'm happy to be part of bringing the abundance of Mother Nature with you!