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No Trick Treat

The No Trick Treat

Ingredients: 70% raw chocolate (raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*), raw stone-ground cashews*, virgin coconut oil*, raw blue agave*, lucuma*, turmeric*, fleur de sel salt, ginseng*, maca*, burdock*, Magic. *organic

 Limited Edition!

Net Wt. 1oz (28g) $6.99

Crack into a dark raw chocolate shell and find the spell-binding raw vegan creme of your dreams! Enjoy the dynamic play on your tongue as it dances between salty and sweet, while the super-roots within fortify your being for a healthy, abundant harvest season of delight!

The Gnosis No-Trick-Treat is a 70% dark raw chocolate shell which has been hand-filled with luscious vegan superfood-enhanced white chocolate salty-sweet cashew butter creme infused with turmeric, ginseng, maca, and burdock functional herbs. Just ridiculous, really.

If you like peanut butter or salted caramel but want to skip the sugar and aflatoxins, you will absolutely LOVE this treat! A step (or 10!) above the common chocolate-peanut butter combination of years past. 

These are absolutely perfect for children of all ages. Yes, we mean you and your kids. 
After all, we are always the same age inside, right? 

 Skip the tricks… Treat Yourself!!