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Our Saturnalia Collection - named after the ancient Roman holiday from whence many of our modern traditions originate - is sure to delight every palate near and dear!

We invite you to join us in celebrating the flavors of this glorious season!


Year-Round Best-Sellers



Welcome to Gnosis!

We celebrate Theobroma Cacao not only for her exquisite flavor, texture, and nourishment, but also for her ability to deliver superfoods and functional botanicals with grace.

Each Gnosis recipe is designed to enhance your health and joy. Our most unique creations are formulated with alchemical blends of herbs from Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Native American traditions.

A vibrant, empowered, healthy, peaceful society is our mission. You deserve the highest quality organic ingredients… so that’s all we use!

All our creations are: 
❥  Freshly handcrafted in house with LOVE;
❥  Made with LOW-GLYCEMIC sweeteners;
❥  FREE OF: gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts & fillers;
❥  Created in honor of nature with intention to empower our community

This employee-owned company has been guided purely by integrity & passion since 2007, when 23-year old Vanessa started the company. We grow organically via word of mouth by earning our customers’ ambassadorship with the quality of our creations.

We believe consumers deserve full disclosure and a voice in product development and projects. In purchasing Gnosis, you support family farmers around the globe who operate with the highest integrity and consideration for the environment and future generations. You encourage a shift in the marketplace! You are voting with your dollars! Thank you!



Artisanal production means I focus on smaller batches of creative items instead of pushing flash sales to increase volume. But I realize many of you consistently reorder certain products in larger numbers. Yay! You found your favorites! :D

So I’ve officially reduced the cost of our top 12 chocolate bars, 6 elixirs, and 2 trail mixes for everyone with a Gnosis habit! If you're serious about Gnosis, I'm serious about you! Spend the savings on what makes your heart happy!

CASE DISCOUNT - 10% OFF no coupon no expiry date no limit no kidding!

1 CASE =     12 Chocolate Bars 6 Elixirs 6 Trail Mix

hi from chocolate girl!

Is this your first visit? WELCOME!

10 years ago, I started making raw chocolate for clients in my health coaching program.

I make every product 100% by hand - there aren’t words to express how excited I am to make some for you!

Please do let me know if you have any questions!