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Website Feedback

vanessa barg

Please let me know what you think of this beta website! I know the shopping cart really needs to be updated as well - it's coming soon! I just need to decide whether to keep using this platform - will you help me decide?

If you don't have time to review any specifics, would you please just comment rating the new site 1-10 (10 being the best) compared to the old site (if you've seen it)


Is it user friendly enough?

What features do you like?
What features don't you like?
What features do you find lacking?

Do you like the design?
Do you think it looks too plain?
What would you change?
If you knew our old website, do you think we lost too much Gnosis "vibe?"

Are there any pages that seem too busy?
Are there any pages that lack information? 

Any other thoughts or suggestions?
How much do you like the website on a scale of 1-10?