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Custom Truffles

Custom Truffles!


One instantly can tell that every truffle is truly a handcrafted labor of love.

All our truffles are raw, vegan, organic, and handmade by Chocolate Girl!

Like each and every one of us, every truffle is a work of art - delightful in its own unique taste and personality, bursting with joy at its creative expression, perfect even - in its little imperfections.

There are 12 flavors to choose from  - please select below! Boxes come with 24 truffles and each truffle is $3.50 - $84 total for a Truffle Collection Gift Box.

Shipping Info

NYC is $8.95. We recommend Express for everywhere else (approx $30). I'll reach out with your exact total upon receipt of your request. We begin shipping Aug 1!

I'll be making a batch this weekend so please place your orders ASAP (by Friday if possible!)

 Your choice - truffles with or without 10mg Space Grade Labs Alchemy 1,000

Your choice - truffles with or without 10mg Space Grade Labs Alchemy 1,000

NEW! Choose whether you'd like me to add 10mg of THC-free, full-spectrum, organically grown, solvent-free Space Grade Labs ALCHEMY 1000 for an additional $1 per truffle! Learn more here
Flavor won't be affected but functionality increases by orders of magnitude! 

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Unless otherwise indicated in your message, I'll split your truffles evenly amongst the flavors selected.
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