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Thank you so much for your interest in Gnosis Chocolate!

I answer every question personally and am in the kitchen making chocolate every day so I’ll ask for just a little patience. If your inquiry is time sensitive, please email: urgent@gnosischocolate.com and cc: vanessa@gnosischocolate.com and aida@gnosischocolate.com. We’re a very small team and want to make sure we don’t miss anything!

I truly look forward to the honor of making chocolate for you!

Vanessa aka Chocolate Girl

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Dori's Custom Chocolate Club!

Custom Creations

Dori's Custom Chocolate Club!


Dori's Custom Chocolate Club!

143.84 every month 191.78 every month

The Gnosis Chocolate Chocolate Club is the easiest, smartest, most delicious way to get your raw chocolate groove on - direct from our kitchen to your door once a month - at a wonderful discount of up to 25% off our retail price when you order 36 bars x month!

This program is fully customizable! You aren't locked into anything :) If you're going out of town, just let us know - we'll place a pause on your program. How easy is that!? Just tell us how many bars, which flavors, if you’d like to add any of our seasonal specials... we'll take care of the details!


Here are the benefits of this super flexible deal, the perfect gift for anyone!

  • MIX IT UP! Have more than one favorite flavor of Gnosis? We can’t choose just one flavor either! Let us know which you’d like in the form at checkout and we’ll be so happy to oblige - and if you’d like to switch it up between months just let us know within 2 weeks of your next shipment.

  • PAUSE ANYTIME! Heading out for that vacation of a lifetime you've always promised yourself? Just call us by the 10th to let us know when you'll be back. 

  • SAVE TIME! When you're hankering for a bite it's right there in your cupboard; there's no need to go to the store, or worse yet, go without. Why wait?

  • SAVE MONEY! You will save up to 25% when ordering 361 bars monthly vs purchasing bars separately

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