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Strawberry Passionfruit Truffles

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Strawberry fairy.jpg
Stawberry Passionfruit heart new ing.png
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Strawberry Passionfruit Truffles


ingredients: raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, stone-ground cashew butter*, strawberries*, raw blue agave*, stone-ground cashew butter*, virgin coconut oil, passionfruit, pomegranate*, lucuma*, maca*, passionfruit*, horny goat weed*, fo ti*, aronia*, hibiscus*, vanilla*, Love.

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Strawberry Passionfruit Truffle  
Plump, heart-shaped strawberries are whipped into a fluffy creme whose fragrance is an energizing, sweet embrace with the bright sweetness of passionfruit.

Created 100% by hand in our NYC kitchen without  refined sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, or GMO, the Cherry Vanilla Truffle is brimming with flavor and crowned with aphrodisiacs from around the world.

Chocolate is a true laboratory of love. Its chemicals stimulate our brain juices to flow into rivers of desire: serotonin to heighten excitation, desire, and responsiveness; dopamine to intensify pleasure; anandamine (the “bliss chemical”) to induce euphoria, and PEA (the “love chemical”), which mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love, and enhancing our sense of well-being.

Gnosis has alchemized a truffle collection sure to ignite the inner flame! The English poet, William Blake, suggested that the world could be seen “in a grain of sand” and heaven “in a wild flower.”  Were he alive today to experience these truffles - he might have added to the opening of Auguries of Innocence that Love could be sweetly seen “in a truffle.”