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Walnut Sage Truffles



70% Dark Chocolate Shell: raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, walnuts*

Walnut Sage Filling: stone-ground walnut butter*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao beans*, lucuma*, rose hips*, holy basil*, cistanche*, reishi*, chaga*, sage essential oil*, Love. *organic 


The opening fanfare sounds with your first bite into the deep, dark chocolate shell. An absolutely new taste-theme experience then emerges - a mousse filling both airy and substantial, played by granite stone-ground walnut butter, coconut palm sugar, and sage.

Soaring above is Sage's earthy, aromatic melody. Its named derived from the Latin, "salvare" - "to heal, to save," sage has long been used to promote emotional health and environmental well being. Finally, the mushroom quartet wins our attention with its foresty, mossy, smoky taste-tunes. The enhancement brought by these mushrooms is powered by health- and life-supporting properties known, researched, documented, and used for thousands of years.

Gnosis’ Walnut Sage truffle is a flavor symphony that will delight and nourish your physical and spiritual center, and will help keep you grounded as you waltz confidently into 2014.

Each truffle net wt .5oz (14g)


Walnut Sage Truffles
4 piece truffle box $1299

Walnut Sage Truffles
12 piece truffle box $3799 



Walnut Sage Truffles  
24 piece truffle box $6999 
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