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Vitality Truffles 

Through the harsh, dry winter we experience a depletion of energy and fewer hours in the sunlight. It’s in the fruits and herbs of spring that a remedy to these winter blues can be found; they return us to a state of vibrant growth and fluid movement!

The Earth’s tilt brings blossoms, berries, and beings ever closer to the Sun so all may bloom in its pastel-hued warmth. New buds appear on branches, new rings form in the forest trees; old skins are cast off by creatures large & small; and the divine energy of creation is heralded by each crocus & blue jay. We are guided by the elemental energy of rebirth as our spirits are lifted into the balmy spring air where Hope flows freely. 

Emerging flora and fauna naturally evoke a desire to go out and play among the bumblebees till the air chills and fills with fireflies. We all want to experience the carefree bliss and boundless energy we had as children, right?

Spring is a season of renewal, rejuvenation and replenishment… and our functional chocolate is here to help! The fountain of youth may still be MIA… but Gnosis has created something close enough!

The Vitality Truffle Collection is infused with medicinal herbs that give you a little boost so that you may take on all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead with youthful vigor and optimism.

Created 100% by hand in our NYC kitchen without refined sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, or GMO, the Vitality Truffle Collection is available for a very limited time and are usually the last truffles we offer before the heat hits NYC!

4pc Vitality Truffle Gift Box
1 each - Super Berry, Tangerine Dream, Lemongrass Ginger, Honeyblossom Pear


12pc Vitality
 Truffle Gift Box $3899
4 each - Super Berry, Tangerine Dream, Lemongrass Ginger, Honeyblossom Pear



Super Berry Truffle  
The moment layers of tart superberry jam and mylk chocolate meet is cause for celebration!
{shell: raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, pomegranate powder*, mangosteen powder*}
{superberry jam layer: goldenberries*, goji berries*, mulberries,* agave*, coconut oil*}
{mylk chocolate layer: raw cacao beans*, cashew butter*, coconut sugar*, coconut oil*, clover*, cat’s claw*, lion’s mane*, milk thistle*, goldenseal*}

Tangerine Dream Truffle 

Indulge in the nostalgic creamy citrus sweetness of a Creamsicle with absolutely zero guilt!
{truffle ingredients: stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter*,
virgin coconut oil*, lucuma*, maca root*, ginseng*, burdock root*, vanilla bean*,
goji berry powder*, blood orange essential oil}


Lemongrass Ginger Truffle

Fresh lemongrass, feisty ginger, and powerful herbs will help you turn over a fresh leaf!
{70% shell: raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, cashew butter*, peach powder*}
{creme filling: stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter*, virgin
coconut oil*, lucuma*, burdock root*, astragalus root*, ginger & lemongrass essence}


Honeyblossom Pear Truffle
Curiosity is awoken by glistening dew drops on this jewel of exquisitely balanced flavor. 
{80% shell: raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, cashew butter*, hibiscus*}
{chocolate filling: raw cacao beans*, stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*,

virgin coconut oil*, lucuma*, cat’s claw*, neroli essential oil*, pear & honeysuckle essense}


Astragalus is a multipurpose adaptogen that helps to ground and root you while energizing your mind. It is helpful for rebooting digestion, eliminating brain fog and recentering our energy.

Eleuthero carries with it the strength of its native mountainous region. Known as Ci Wu Jia in Mandarin, this reinvigorating root is a perfect compliment to the earthy powers of Astragalus.

Milk Thistle is a flowering herb related to the daisy. Among a great many benefits as anti-anflammatory herb, the effects Milk Thistle brings to the liver are by far most celebrated. 

Burdock has been used since the Middle Ages for its stimulating effects on the digestive system and the liver. Through cleansing, the overall health of your entire system is improved.

Goldenseal is of the Buttercup family, evident by its vibrant yellow-golden hue. Astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects soothe common digestion issues and are a wonderful support for respiratory health.

Hibiscus is beautiful, delicous, and powerful! As an Amylase inhibitor, this exotic flower helps our body reduce storage of sugars and starches and therefore is helpful for weightloss. Many have shown that drinking hibiscus tea may also lower bad cholesterol level and improve blood pressure.

 “To see the world in a grain of sand / And a heaven in a wildflower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour”
Auguries of Innocence by William Blake, 1803


Hibiscus Acai Truffle  (out of stock)

 A vessel of brightness - schizandra berry to balance and allow your inner light to shine, acai berry to add an extra boost of antioxidant power to our lovingly handmade raw chocolate, and hibiscus, jasmine, and lavender lift us gently, ever so slightly off the ground as we float in the delicious floral spring breeze.