The World's First Raw Couverture!

Raw Couverture - 1lb $17 
Ingredients: 60% raw organic cacao beans, organic coconut palm sugar.

Flavor notes: nutmeg, cinnamon, apricot, black currant. A blanket of cacao - mellow & smooth


Gnosis is proud to bring you the only first and only raw, organic, low-glycemic couverture (bulk chocolate)!

Use this as a base to make your own raw chocolate and truffles, or use in any recipe that calls for chocolate chips (brownies, cakes, tortes, etc). Chocolate dipped strawberries... fulfill all your chocolate fantasies!

Q: What's "couverture?"
A: "Couverture" means covering in French. Couverture chocolate is often used to coat things (truffles, strawberries, etc).

But the term "couverture" actually refers to chocolate that is very smooth (well conched), is made from fine flavor cacao beans, and contains 30% or more cacao butter (the oil naturally found in a cacao bean, similar to coconut, avocado, or walnut healthy fats). In other words, couverture actually means excellent chocolate that one can use for myriad purposes!

Q: What's different about this couverture?
A: It's the best raw chocolate ever!
1.  made from raw organic cacao beans and has never been roasted
2.  sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar - will not spike your blood sugar levels
3.  we work directly with Big Tree Farms, one of the highest integrity supply chains in the world. BTF produces BOTH the coconut palm sugar and the cacao.

Q: Can I use this chocolate for baking even if it's raw?
Absolutely. Even though its nutritional content is best maintained under 118 degrees, if you start with this chocolate, you'll end up with a much healthier baked good than if you start with regular chocolate (especially if it has cane sugar or soy in it!)

We suggest the hand to mouth technique with this (yes, you can eat it as-is!) YUMMM


To make your own raw chocolate:

1.  Melt chocolate - use a double boiler (shown right), or simply place bowl full of finely shredded couverture into a larger bowl of hot water (not above 118). Make sure NO water gets in your chocolate! At this point you could also temper your chocolate, if desired (but not necessary).

2.  Add your favorite superfoods and herbs and mix thoroughly. Some of my favorites are superfruit powders like macqui, aronia, mangosteen and goji berry. A wonderful non-fruity blend would be cacao nibs, hemp seeds, maca, and a touch of salt.

3.  Pour into a mold (you could use an ice cube tray if you like!). It will solidify quickly in the freezer!



Purchase here by the pound or call and ask for Vanessa if you are a manufacturer / supplier and would like to purchase in volume. (646) 688.5549