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PowerChoc Trail Mix


Ingredients: almonds*, chocolate* (cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, fleur de sel), goji berries*, currants*, hemp seeds*, cacao nibs*, Love. *organic

Net Wt. 1/2lb (8oz)  $12.99


This powerful protein chocolate trail mix is bathed in the rich taste and smooth texture of cacao, studded with crunchy seeds and nuts, and softened with sweet, chewy goji berries. The ultimate trail mix provides a surge of energy, endurance, and assimilation of all the Power this bar has to offer.

Whether you are an athlete, yogi, vegan, vegetarian, or trying to avoid soy, gluten, and whey - your protein now can come in the form of a decadent, chocolate infused trail mix!


Trail Mix 6 pack
  Save 15%
3 PowerChoc Trail Mix + 3 Immunity Trail Mix
Net Wt. 3lbs  $77.94  $66.25