Thank you SO much for your willingness to host a Gnosis Chocolate giveaway on your blog!  Our company is so firmly committed to making high-integrity choices, and our choice of you as a giveaway participant is a reflection of that.  We selected you not just because you have so many readers who love you, but because you embody so many of the values that form the foundation of our company:  good health, conscious living, and societal awareness.  

More than just a marketing campaign, we would love it if this giveaway could be a platform to talk about the power of superfoods, nutrition, good self care, and (of COURSE) chocolate to enhance feelings of love and bliss this Valentine’s Day season.

In an effort to make this process as easy for you as possible, we have put all of the relevant information and photos that you'll need for the giveaway on this page.  We've also included other highlights from our product line, especially those that are especially aphrodisiac and that have been a huge hit amongst Valentine’s Day-shopping ChocoLovers.  If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to email or call our office at 646.688.5549 - we love talking about our chocolate and hearing from you!  

Again, thank you so very much.  We are so excited to make chocolate for your readers!


Your winners' prize will be a Passion bar, a 4-piece pack of our Passion Collection truffles (exactly what we sent you in the mail to sample!), plus our seasonal Berry Rose bar.  You'll find detailed descriptions below for all three!     

We'd like to request that you run the giveaway with a deadline of February 10th, 2013.  At that point, you'll choose a winner at random, post their name on your blog, and ask them to email to claim their prize (or to contact you directly, if you’re more comfortable with that).  We'll take care of the rest!

We will email you with your unique promo code - it is valid for 10% off everything on our site (excluding items that have already been marked down). The promo code will be active through March 1st - please remember to point that out to your readers!  

(click pictures below to download hi-res - feel free to use any photos on our site!)


Made with respect for the origins of cacao, the well-being of our society, and Earth's natural majesty, Gnosis products celebrate health and integrity.  To ethically sourced cacao, we add low glycemic sweeteners and high nutrition superfoods - resulting in an exquisite balance of flavor and function.  Elegantly packaged with only the most sustainable of materials, Gnosis is an indulgence to delight both palate and conscience.

Gnosis was founded by Vanessa Barg, a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor.  Vanessa began making chocolate to help her clients towards a healthy, satisfying diet they could truly enjoy.  Her background in nutrition and the culinary arts motivated her creation of recipes with superfoods and medicinal herbs from around the globe.  Vanessa works directly with farmers and cooperatives at origin to develop organic agriculture initiatives and fair labor practices.


The ways in which cacao inspires Love are countless. Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle tissue and aids the heart. Arginine plays an important role in cell division, and release of hormones. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a Love Chemical produced when we fall in Love and during the Big O.  Anandamide is a cannabinoid neurotransmitter and is known an "the bliss chemical". Tryptophan eases anxiety. Theobromine stimulates the cardiovascular system and is a vasodialator to help the delivery of all phenomenal nutrients and medicinal herbs.
You'll find all these ingredients in Gnosis’ Passion Collection; the blessed, chocolatey universe where Love in all its forms exist in harmonious balance, providing sweets for all the world’s sweethearts.  

Passion (Aphrodisia) Chocolate Bars

Gnosis created the Passion Bar to model, in chocolate, how all Love may be deliciously embraced.  Aphrodisiacs are not just about sex and libido - they are about empowering passion, awakening compassion, strengthening your sense of connection with people and your own life's path.  Your openness and kindness is reflected in Passion’s sweet flavor, touched by tart raspberries, caramelly palm nectar, and heart-opening cacao.  Here are how this special bar’s medicinal herbs and superfoods work together to stir your passion and energy:  

Horny Goat Weed - prescribed by healers to restore passion, boost erectile function, alleviate fatigue, and soothe menopausal discomfort; addresses disorders of the liver, joints, and kidneys

Maca - builds stamina, energy, and sexual potency; reportedly taken by Incan warriors in battle to increase their strength and endurance

Dong Quai - used in China, Korea, and Japan for over a thousand years as a spice, tonic, and medicine to help with women’s reproductive problems (cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, menopausal symptoms)

Fo Ti - a longevity tonic, used to promote hair growth, restore pigment to greying hair, combat premature aging, weakness, vaginal discharge, and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, fo-ti is reputed to restore energy and strength and act as a beneficial digestive aid.

Passion Collection Truffles

This is a selection of 4 love-inducing, bliss-enhancing raw truffles. Our Cherry Vanilla Truffle is kissed  with raw cherry-vanilla jam and dark chocolate ganache creme layers, and offers the aphrodisiac properties of maca, damiana, and fo ti. Our Passionfruit Cupuacu Truffle features the fresh, fruity flavors and mega nutrient dose of two tropical superfoods, enveloped in dark chocolate. Our Wild White Rose Truffle is a dream-come-true for white chocolate lovers! Using absolutely no cream, soy, or sugar, we created the “creamiest,” most romantic raw vegan white chocolate; featuring sensually-pleasing Rose Petals, Pomegranate, and Lemon essential oil.  And our Madagascar Mylk Truffle is made of the world's only Madagascan cacao - naturally fruity and exotic tasting, and considered by many to be the world's finest chocolate.  This precious little gem has all the sweetness and delight of milk chocolate without dairy or sugar.


Passion Hot Chocolate Elixir

This is the Hot Chocolate Elixir incarnation of our Passion Bar!  It contains the same aphrodisiac herbs,  sure to fill you with feelings of love as you sip as a hot, chocolatey beverage or smoothie.  It's also a great, nutritionally dense replacement for cacao powder in any baked good!

Berry Rose Bar

A bouquet of roses, box of chocolates & chocolate-dipped strawberries - all in one!  This limited-edition bar is available during Valentine's Day season only, and is the perfect way to express love.  The sweetness and nutritional punch of strawberries, goji berries, and cranberries dance with the intoxicating fragrance of lemon and rose essential oils.  Rose petals delicately decorate this bar's surface, delighting your sense of sight along with smell and taste.  

Tasting Squares

These 7 gram, 2-bite, adorably foil-wrapped and Valentine's-decorated squares of our chocolate are the perfect little token of love and gratitude for the special people in your life.  In a selection 4 of our top flavors (Simplicity, SuperChoc, Fleur de Sel, and Passion), this assortment pack is a great way to fall in love with the best of Gnosis before you make the commitment to a full chocolate bar!

For your sweethearts’ pleasure, we also feature multiple holiday gift collections in various sizes!  

Our Passion Gift Collection features the best of Gnosis’ Passion Collection!  Truffles, some of our most romantic bars, our Passion Hot Chocolate Elixir, and a heavenly chocolate body butter are sure to delight your love’s tastebuds as you overwhelm him or her with bliss!

Our Infinite Love Collection will keep your loved one satisfied and chocolate-filled well into spring!  In addition to all of our favorite Valentine’s Day, love-infused chocolate, truffles, and body butter; it features an assortment of our smooth, sweet Superfood Spreads.

We also offer many other Gift Collections (such as our Dark Collection for the dark chocolate enthusiast, and our Harvest Collection which features the warmest, coziest flavors that Gnosis has to offer!) Our gift collections are lovingly gift-wrapped, with your gift note included.