The eruption of volcanoes, and flowering and expiring of exotic vegetation in Bali, Grenada, and Madagascar have created soils of primal potency and fertility over countless millennia. In the OrigiNib collection, Gnosis has preserved the essence of the noble, distinctive cacao that emerged from those soils.

In creating these bars, we saw no reason to disturb the exquisite balance of time and nature by “civilizing” the kaleidoscopic flavor range out of these cacaos. The distinct flavor profile of each island’s cacao is paired with spices native to that same island to deliver a dynamic representation of its culture, land, and heritage. The result is a taste excursion to the ancient flavor-soul of these storied chocolate islands. 


The Originib Collection is the culmination of Chocolate Girl’s work bridging the Fine Chocolate and Raw Food industries. She traveled to work with the world’s most passionate high-integrity chocolate makers and is honored to present to you the world’s only raw chocolate from Grenada and Madagascar. 

 With a search for truly raw, unadulterated cacao as her guiding light, Chocolate Girl went on a mission to understand theobroma cacao. She traveled to France to work with Francois Pralus, Grenada to work with Mott Green, and Bali to work with Big Tree Farms. She worked on the farm, processed beans from the pod, and studied flavor identification. Delving into the depths of cacao brought her Love for chocolate to new heights.

The result of this research, travel, study, and work is the OrigiNib Collection which we now joyfully present to you! This is the world’s ONLY raw chocolate from Grenada and Madagascar - processed from the bean by Chocolate Girl’s hands with Love and Integrity. To this cacao, she has added more ingredients indigenous to the origin of the bars for a dynamic representation of the country’s rich agriculture.