Handmade by Team Gnosis, our bars are made with raw cacao beans, medicinal herbs, and superfoods of the absolute highest integrity, flavor, and nutritional value. We find NO need for fillers, sugar, dairy, soy, gluten, or emulsifiers. Each bar is shipped directly from are kitchen, and is certified raw, vegan, organic, and kosher.

SuperCounselor Limited - 1oz $5 each & buy 10 get 1 free!
Made with the most powerful medicinal herbs from Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and South American Shamanism. Made with intentions to inspire your intuition! More Info


Dazzling Darkness Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25    *NEW!*
If Dazzling Darkness weren't as smooth and creamy, it would be like eating the chocolate bean, itself… the dark chocolate lover’s dream come true! A cacao-crammed, raw, bitter taste as dense as the dime-sized universe at the Big Bang. More Info



Aphrodisia Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25    *NEW!*
Damiana to stir desire; Yohimbe and Maca for fulfillment; Cacao’s Anandamide and Arginine to heighten bliss, Palm Nectar, Figs, and Raspberries to sweeten, and; Horny Goat Weed to… alas, modesty forbids me to say more. More Info



Superberry Lime Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25    *NEW!*
Gnosis delivers 10 superberries - the ultimate proof good things coming in small packages – with a hint of tart, bright refreshing, lime in the background. With the low glycemic maple flavor of Palm Nectar, you’ll be transported to new heights! More Info



Sacred Feminine Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25    *NEW!*
"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform [...] Let us call upon woman's voice and woman's heart to guide us in this age of planetary transformation." -D. Mariechild. Let the herbs in this bar support every stage of your cycle! More Info



 Zero Glycemic Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.95   *NEW!*
We made this bar for those of you who must avoid all forms of sugar. Organic Erythritol has Zero Calories and Zero impact on blood sugar! We’ve added herbs that can help regulate metabolic response to sugar. More Info



Simplicity Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $8.95
The esssential chocolate experience. Start with the elemental taste & multiple health benefits of raw, organic cacao. Add blue-green algae for mood and concentration, then blend in Madagascan Vanilla Beans for immune support. More Info



Pomegranate Acai Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
The Pomegrante Acai Bar puts all the pieces of vibrant health in place as luscious antioxidant-rich acai and pomegranate, vitamin c filled camu camu meet protein-dense brazil nuts and liver-detoxifying barberries and intense raw cacao. More Info



Immune Boost Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Herbs for strenthening your immune system, Warming Spices, and Flavors of Autumn help you celebrate a healthy and vibrant trip 'round the sun. Stay healthy through the "cold & flu" season - and enjoy the metamorphosis! More Info



SuperChoc Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
No other chocolate bar can match its sheer power, so be prepared for this thunderbolt to your senses and systems! SuperChoc's raw superfoods, superherbs, antioxidants, and adaptogens make SuperHeroes of us all! More Info



PowerChoc Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Whether you are an athlete, yogi, vegan, or trying to avoid soy, gluten & whey, this bar is truly Choc full of Power! Made with protein rich superfoods and medicinal herbs for maximum protein assimilation and physical endurace! More Info



Coconut Almond Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Tropical-born, Heaven-sent, flavor and potency-filled. Coconut improves absorption of fat soluble vitamins; almonds are alkaline and high in protein; and maca is said to balance the hormones and enhance endurance and sexual vitality! More Info



Cool Peppermint Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Peppermint - often called "the world's oldest medicine" calms the stomach and stimulates the body and mind. Cholophyll is a powerful antioxidant and tissue repairer. Let this bar roll up its leaves to make you the strongest kid on the block. More Info 



Fleur de Sel Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Quenching twin cravings of savory and sweet, this healthful bar leaves you feeling complete! Two varieties of salt deliver all 92 minerals and intensify the deeper elements of cacao's flavor profile. Satisfy all your tastebuds with one bite! More Info



Vanilla Hazelnut Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
This is where vanilla, cacao, and hazelnut meet and fall in Love. It was inevitable, given vanilla's luscious flavor and polysaccharides; hazelnut's crunch, proanthocyanidins & folate; and cacao's encyclopedic benefits and delights! More Info



Cashew Goji Berry Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Soft, sweet goji berries gift their antioxidants, protein, and vitamins b6 and beta carotene for beauty and blood health. Rich in both protein and heart-healthy oleic acid, nuggets of raw, crunchy cashews are nestled happily in between! More Info



Sugarplum Gingerbread Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Celebrate as your tongue tingles with warming, circulation-promoting Gingerbread spices... Dances with vitamin C-rich, soft, tart Plums... and Sings with the caramel sweetness of Palm Nectar! More Info



Almond Fig Spice Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Sweet, chewy figs, currants, and cranberries burst with fiber, antioxidant and cleansing power, while almonds give their wonderful protein, and a subtle note of warming cinnamon helps you to metabolize glucose & balance blood sugar... its aroma kissing you goodbye until next time... More Info


Mayan Heat Bar Net Wt. 2oz. (56g) $9.25
Named to honor Earth's first chocolatiers, Mayan Heat reaches back across the millennia - Cayenne was used with cacao by the Mayans. Currants and cranberries add a touch of sweetness. But be warned... this hot chocolate pulls no punches! More Info


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Please note that though we add free reusable ice packs and insulation, we cannot guarantee your chocolate won't melt. We've had less than 2% of orders melt this summer - this can be avoided by making sure someone is present at your shipping address to receive the chocolate as soon as it arrives. If this is not possible, you could ship to a friend (if you trust them not to devour your order! :) or just pop the bars in the fridge for a few minutes when they arrive. Of course let us know if it does happen to melt - we care about your happiness and are always looking to improve! 
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