New Look!

Hey Gnosis ChocoLovers!

Thanks for coming to this page and being a part of our transition to a New Look! Many of you have requested some more features on our website so I'm working on it!

  • FREE CHOCOLATE CONTEST! We are looking to give 5 FREE bars of chocolate to the person who helps us come up with a Tag Line / Love Note / Punch Line for the inside flap of our chocolate box (see image!). This is the first thing someone sees when they open a box of our chocolate -- what would you want to see there? There are 2 flaps, so there can be 2 winners! We're looking for one that's spunky, funny, jazzy, etc... and the other should be empowering, poetic, elegant, conscious, etc. (contest prize winner must receive prize within the US)
  • Send your amazing ideas to to be entered to win!!! :)
  • NEW LOGO! I'm going to be upgrading all our graphic design too :) So far, our logo was a photo of a dove ornament with a fleur de lis in its tail and a spiral in its wing (all important symbols to me!) and a stock font. Now that we're redoing the site, it makes sense to upgrade our logo and graphics too - I've been doing them myself and have so much fun with it! But with our projects in Grenada, our expansion in more stores and to the west coast, and so many other wonderful surprises... it makes sense to start working with a designer!

    Please take a moment to rate these logos below! I value your opinion more than I can express in words... after all, this is not MY product - it's made for YOU! What do you want to see?



Your Chocolate Girl Vanessa