Big Tree Farms Heritage Palm Sugars

Our dear friends at Big Tree Farms in Bali, the same farm where we source our Coconut Palm Sugar and much of our cacao, has created these new, beautiful palm sugar blends, infused with aromatic spices that will enliven your senses and indulge your soul.

Heritage Palm Sugars are produced from the sweet nectar of island coconut palms. Local farmers tap the palm flower spikes to release a treasured juice. Kettle-boiled over an open hearth fire, the nectar slowly thickens into a golden sugar unlike any other. Subtly sweet with an almost haunting aroma of smoke and caramel, Coconut Palm sugar is nothing short of artisanal perfection.

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Coconut Palm Sugar w/ Turmeric
Golden palm sugar spiced with the medicinal wonder, turmeric... {more info}



Coconut Palm Sugar w/ Ginger $7.50
Caramel-like palm sugar with the soothing spice of ginger...{more info}


Korintje Cinnamon Palm Sugar
Sweet palm sugar kissed with playful cinnamon... {more info} 


Heritage Collection ~ 10% Off! $20.25
Enjoy 10% off 1 of Each Palm Sugar: Turmeric, Ginger Root and Korintje Cinnamon!