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Goldenberry Jam

Spread to Health with these Raw Ingredients: Mulberries*, Goldenberries*, Agave Nectar*, Goji Berries*, Pink Himalayan Salt*, Love. *organic

Packaged in glass - no plastic here! Refrigerate after opening

It’s raining berries inside every jar of Goldenberry jam! But, instead of a raincoat, bring a knife to spread it on your favorite everything.  Bring a blender and pop it in your smoothie. Bring your favorite frozen dessert to crown with this too-good-to-be-true fusion of Goji, Golden, and Mulberries. 

Berry-clouds formed above China, Tibet, Mongolia and the Andes were borne east and north to New York on berry-winds that showered Gnosis’s kitchen with their vibrant purple, red, and yellowish-orange passengers. Lovingly blended with Agave Nectar and Pink Himalayan Salt, these nuggets of nutrition and flavor make Goldenberry Jam the perfect berrystorm.


Mini Size - 4-6 Servings Net Wt 2oz (56g) $6.50



I Love Goldenberry Jam! Net Wt 8oz (224g) $18