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Gnosis Chocolate has a large selection of flavors to help support various taste buds and nutritional needs.  We list each and every ingredients on all flavors so you can clearly see if there is anything concerning because of a food allergy or any other reason. We are also more than happy to create Custom Made Chocolate for you, full of your dream ingredients!

For those allergic to conventionally processed milk chocolate, there may be hope! David Wolfe, leading raw food nutritionist and raw chocolate expert states in his book Naked Chocolate, "a recent study showed that only one out of 500 people who thought they were allergic to chocolate actually tested positive. The idea that chocolate is a common allergen has been around for a long time, but recent evidence suggests an allergy to chocolate is quite rare.  It is more often the case that the person is in fact allergic to pasteurized milk and dairy products. Pasteurized milk is the number one food that causes allergies."

Nut Allergies: Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between batches but we do use the same bowls and molds for our nut and non-nut products.  We do not use ANY peanuts in our facility whatsoever.

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Oftentimes we have blogs pop up without them even letting us know (what a beautiful surprise!) and other times people ask for us to send them samples in exchange for a review. Because we get so many requests, and because we have a bunch already written without, I decided against sending out the samples - we are a very young, unfunded company and make and package these chocolates 100% by hand!

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