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We believe it is possible - as a team of producers and consumers - to create a shift in the marketplace by supporting high integrity organizations.
Please note that, although we do not currently hold Gluten Free Certification, all of our products are free of Gluten. We also do not use any Refined Sugar, Soy, or Peanuts.


Certified Organic Gnosis Chocolate is proud to be certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). CCOF is one of the highest integrity organic certification agencies that works with the USDA. By supporting the certification process, they promote organic food and agriculture, and have a trade association to boot! Read more about our Organic certification here!


Certified Vegan Gnosis Chocolate is proud to be certified by Vegan Action. Vegan products do not contain any animal products, or products that have been tested on animals. Gnosis does not believe its products should harm any creature - and so using only vegan ingredients is fundamental. Also, this means our chocolate bars do not contain any dairy products like many others - therefore our bars are free of cholesterol and do not block antioxidants.


Certified Raw Gnosis Chocolate is proud to be certified by Approved Raw. This is a young and growing certification to verify that ingredients have not been heated over 118 degrees farenheit. This ensures the food is more nutritious, and closer to how it was intended by nature. In order to verify the Raw Integrity of our ingredients, Vanessa personally inspects the farms and facilities of as many ingredients as possible. See her Raw Integrity Project and Agave Report!


Certified Kosher Gnosis Chocolate is proud to be certified by Rabbi Zev Schwarcs of the International Kosher Council. We absolutely Love our Rabbi - he is a wonderful, local rabbi who comes to our kitchen to inspect our process and ingredients. He also lights up our life with each visit, and we are most happy to be working with him. View our Kosher certification here!


Certified FSC Gnosis Chocolate is proud to use packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC ensures that the consumption of forest products of its certified companies is ethical and sustainable. Don't be fooled by a package that just says "Recyclable." Look for Recycled, Post-Consumer Recycled, FSC Certification, and Printed with Vegetable Inks. Read more about our Earth Friendly practices here!


Truth In Labeling Gnosis Chocolate is proud to have taken the Truth in Labeling Pledge. Due to the sad fact that the claim "Natural" holds no weight on most packaging, we have voluntarily taken the pledge to only use the word "Natural" as defined by the Natural Ingredient Resource Center guidelines. We have pledged to disclose when a product contains synthetic ingredients, such as fragrance oils or petrochemicals, in a way that is clear to the consumer.


Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Gnosis Chocolate is proud to donate 10% of profits to FTPF - an organization dedicated to benefiting the Earth and its inhabitants by planting edible fruit trees. Their mission is to plant and help others plant a collective total of 18 billion fruit trees across the world and encourage their growth under organic standards. Read more about our support of FTPF here!


Love Filled This symbol signifies that each product is made by hand with care for the producers, for you, for our environment, and for the future of our society. Although we do not hold Fair Trade Certification - we are beyond their standards. We work closely with our producers, and the farmers are paid ultra-premium rates for their goods. Our goal is not to simply turn a profit, but to create a shift in the global marketplace to products that are sustainable for our planet and health.

Last updated on February 16, 2011 by Vanessa Barg