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Cupuacu Acai Spread 

ingredients: raw cacao beans*, stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*, cupuaçu fruit*, coconut oil*, passionfruit*, aronia berry*, açai berry*, Love.  *organic


Cupuacu Acai Spread 2oz  $5.99   {out of stock}

SuperSpread Set - 20% off! 8.5oz    $2875


If the word, “Cupuaçu” (coo-poo-wah-soo) doesn’t roll right off your tongue, just remember when “açai” was new to us all (thanks, Sambazon!)? Sister to the chocolate tree, theobroma cupuaçu yields fruit that tastes similar to passion fruit and is used in Brazil and Peru to make juice, tarts, and ice creams. Paired with Açaí and Aronia berries, this spread adds an incredible antioxidant boost and exotic tropical twist to every bite!

In introducing Cupuaçu Spread to you, Gnosis promises an experience that may not immediately rank with the discoveries of Columbus or Copernicus. But we guarantee a taste experience of far greater immediacy - one that requires neither three ships nor telescope - only a spoon (or, after your first taste, not even that).

“WOW, that cupuacu acai aronia spread was AMAZING… the first two words i used to describe it were: Luscious and beautiful… these are words usually used to describe a girlfriend /boyfriend- not a food product. I had it today for lunch (with almond butter- as a sandwich) and the taste is exquisite! It explodes in your mouth… What an amazing creation!”  - Harry Bennett, General Manager of Westerly Natural Market, NYC

Packaged in glass - no plastic here! Refrigerate after opening.