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CinnaPecan Truffles


{shell} 70% raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*, pecans*
{filling} stone-ground raw cacao & pecan butter*, coconut sugar*, cinnamon*, pau d'arco*, cat's claw*, chaga*, essential oils of cinnamon*, neroli*, and bergamot*, Love. *organic 

In Algonquin, “pecan” means “a nut needing a stone to crack.”  In any language, we need the stones of determination, discipline, and enlightened intent to crack our egos and defenses and reach the delicious nut of our selves. Cinnamon is the inner lining of the cinnamon tree’s bark. To protect its delicate inner skin from the exterior world’s challenges, the bark must be fearless, enduring, and highly discerning, admitting only those elements that nurture and cultivate.

With the immune system boosting properties of CinnaPecan Truffles your allies in these areas, you can make your holiday enjoyment healthy in every way.  A clean body and calm mind are the channels through which you share your loving and joyful spirit with those near and dear to you. 

Each truffle net wt .5oz (14g)


CinnaPecan Truffles
4 piece truffle box $1299

CinnaPecan Truffles
12 piece truffle box $3999 



CinnaPecan Truffles  
24 piece truffle box $6999 
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Pecans - Stone Ground by Team Gnosis! Pecans are the only Native American tree nut, and the pecans we use come from trees here in the US that are up to 250 years old! Pecans have not only a rich history, but also a rich list of health benefits! Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals – including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, several B vitamins and zinc, fiber, protein, and no cholesterol. They are actually known to help reduce LDL cholesterol due to their various forms of Vitamin E which protects agains oxidation of blood lipids.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is rich in manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium. Research has found that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day may lower LDL cholesterol, and that cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar (important for folks with type 2 diabetes). Researchers at Copenhagen University found significant reduction in arthritis pain when subjects took cinnamon powder and honey before breakfast. It has been found to reduce food spoilage by inhibiting bacterial growth, and one study found an increase in cognition and memory when cinnamon is smelled. 

Chaga Mushroom -  Chaga is a mushroom that grows in the forests of Northern Siberia and Northern Canada. Chaga is highly prized in Russian herbalism with the modern clinical research validating many of the health benefits described in the Russian sources. Like all medicinal mushrooms Chaga contains the non-linear, complex polysaccharides that give the Chaga extracts potent immune supporting properties.* However, Chaga also has an extremely high ORAC value (antioxidant properties), similar to that of blueberry extracts.* Chaga also has melanin compounds that nourish the skin and hair. The betulin and betulinic acid compounds, similar to the triterpenes found in Reishi, also have immune supporting properties. Read more here...