Mamma Chocomania!

Mamma Choc is here, and none too soon! For a special treat this Mother’s Day Gnosis is rolling out the special red carpet again in honor of the first special lady in everyone’s lives: Mom! 

Besides that most essential ingredient, love, which is in all of our chocolates, Mamma Choc may have a few ingredients you’ve never heard of. There’s great method to our madness, however! Keep reading to see how each ingredient is especially woman-friendly.

Mother’s Wort: also called Lion’s Tail, this herb helps with female reproductive disorders, menopause and menstruation
Dong Quai: closely related to celery and sometimes called “women’s ginseng,” this root can remedy disorders of the menstrual cycle, help with high blood pressure or circulatory problems, and increase activity of the central nervous system. This results in more energy and alleviated headaches (common concerns with menstruation).
Rhodiola: alleviates fatigue and improves mental and athletic performance
Shatvari: nourishes and rejuvenates the body tissues, promotes strength, vitality and boosts immunity
• Women’s Balancing Blend
o Red Raspberry: treats uterine irritability, morning sickness, and helps prevent miscarriage in pregnancy
o Peppermint: treats problems including cramps, gastritis, motion sickness, and digestion
o Nettle Leaf: clears toxins and slightly reduces blood pressure, good for heavy menstrual bleeding
o Oat Straw: fights osteoporosis, builds bones and relieves pain
o Ginger: alleviates motion sickness
o Dandelion: helps alleviate premenstrual bloating and may provide anti-inflammatory results
o Chamomile: relieves stomach distress, calms nerves, and fights infection
o Horsetail: treats urinary tract infections, prostate problems, kidney stones, and incontinence
o Rose petals: stimulates the liver, and good for menstrual complaints, poor appetite and improving circulation
Rose essential oil: cleansing effect on the female sex organs, soothes and harmonizes the mind


Mamma Choc is here!


The Pulse- What's New Now?

Vanessa has just returned from an exciting whirlwind trip to the west coast. Many who dropped by Gnosis-carrying San Francisco shops had the chance to chat up the Chocolate Girl, herself and try some chocolates gratis.

Check out the photos from the demos as well as from her San Fran Chocolate Party!