Time to COOL OFF with Peppermint!

It's mid August and most of the country is just feeling hotter and hotter. Peppermint is a great, naturally refreshing herb that you can enjoy straight in organic peppermint essential oil and in our Cool Peppermint chocolate bar.  

For the next 30 days (or as long as supplies last), whenever you order 3 Cool Peppermint chocolate bars, you'll get a free bottle (1 dram) of organic peppermint essential oil! Use the oil on your temples and wrists for refreshment, or slide the dropper on your tongue (not a whole drop - this is VERY distilled essential oil by!) for a calorie and chemical-free breath freshener!

"This is one of my favorite flavors because of how the incredible smooth, velvety texture of the bar surprises your mouth with cooling properties - no AC needed!" - Vanessa

Not only is Cool Peppermint refreshing, but the menthol helps aid digestion! Mint is even known to help with IBS and other intestinal issues. Did you know that neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopanime are created with your intestine's help? So a happy digestive system = a happy you!

Get your cool on today!


Chocolate and Your Mood

Check out this quick article from O, the Oprah Magazine. It's all about the happiness chocolate has been found to bring people who eat it. Whether it's been blessed by Buddhist monks, or not!

"Eating one ounce of the candy per day boosted positive mood and energy levels by an average of 67 percent after three days (as gauged by a psychological questionnaire)"

We thought so!