Homemade Nut Mylk

Nut mylk is a delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare alternative to dairy or soy milk and has high levels of protein and other nutrients. Keep the pulp from nut or seed milks for cookies, pie crust, bread or cakes (freeze if not used within a few days).

Freely subsitute almonds with hazelnuts or brazil nuts!


- 2 cups raw almonds
- 4 cups filtered water
- 2 dates (or coconut sugar or stevia - optional)

- Bowl
- Vitamix or Blentec Blender (recommended)
- Nut milk bag or cheesecloth
- Bottle (preferably glass) with cap


1. Pour nuts into bowl and fill with filtered water so all nuts are submerged. Cover bowl with paper towel and leave to soak for 3-8hrs. Strain and rinse.

2. Add nuts to Vitamix with 3 cups of fresh filtered water and blend on high speed.

3. Pour liquid through nut milk bag into a bowl and massage to get all liquid through the bag. Store refrigerated in capped bottle.


Keeps in fridge for 3-4 days. Enjoy!!


Raw Chocolate Orange Smoothie

I am drinking one as I type this and it’s so outrageously good, I think I’ve reached Nirvana. The reason? Gnosis Cacao Powder has to be the best raw chocolate powder I’ve ever tasted.  It’s the real deal, free of any fillers, and truly raw!
The synergy of orange and chocolate is rich and uplifting and you’ll find yourself with a massive boost of happiness.  I think that’s all we’re really looking for! This is also perfect after a hard workout, as raw cacao is super high in magnesium which relaxes smooth muscle tissue.

Here’s the Recipe. Add or replace ingredients as you like:

  Chocolate Orange Happiness Smoothie
- 10oz nut mylk (or coconut water)
- 2 tbsp cacao powder (more if you like it v dark)
- 1 whole organic orange, juiced
- 1 frozen or fresh ripe organic banana
- 1 tsp lucuma powder
- 1 tsp maca root
- 1 tsp pomegranate powder
- 1 tbsp organic coconut oil (optional)
- 1 medjool date (or coconut sugar or stevia)
- 1 pinch himalayan salt

- Ice 

You may need to add a little water depending on thickness.
Blend high for 30 seconds (twice) and then pour into a tall glass, sit down and do nothing else but savor every delicious sip.

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