Pumpkin Seeds

According to the USDA,[14] one gram of roasted pepita contain 5.69 mg L-tryptophan and one gram of pepita protein contains 17.2 mg[15] of L-tryptophan. One cup of milk contains 183 mg. This high tryptophan content makes pepita of interest to researchers studying the treatment of anxiety disorders.[16] Some eat the seeds as preventative measure against onset of anxiety attacks, clinical depression and other mood disorders. 

Chocolate Shell: Cacao Beans*, Coconut Sugar*, Pumpkin Seeds* Creme Filling: Pumpkin Seeds*, Coconut Sugar*, Maca*, Cardamom*, Ginger*, Siberian Ginseng*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Cordyceps*, Vanilla*, Love. *organic

Pumpkin Spice 4 piece truffle box $1299  

Pumpkin Spice 12 piece truffle box $3799

Pumpkin Spice 24 piece truffle box $6999


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 Trick or treat? We say Treat! 
If you enjoy the pretenseless, deeply satisfying flavor combo of chocolate and
peanut butter or salted caramel, you'll love this limited edition truffle-style bar!

We've patiently tended our granite stone melangeur as it fuses cashews and coconut sugar into a harmonious vegan velvet creme filling. A simple speckle of fleur de sel and vanilla completes the dynamic synthesis. This creme is infused with functional herbs for endurance and detox, and finally is coated in rich 70% raw chocolate.  

Indulge your inner child and those in your life with our sweets which surely delight palates of all ages and habits. You'll without a doubt forget the Trick-Or-Treat candies of your past and never, ever look back!

The No-Trick-Treat  
{free of dairy, soy, gluten, peanuts, cane sugar & GMO}
raw cacao beans*, stone-ground cashews*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, fleur de sel*, vanilla*, maca*, ginseng*, burdock*, dandelion*, aloe*,  schizandra*,  goldenseal*.  *organic 

No-Trick-Treat Bar 1oz (28g) $5.99  

Available for a limited time while supplies last.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Sorry, no discounts available on this item.  

Scary costumes are fun!
But scary chemicals in candy for our children?!

May contain what!?
Beetle juice*,  sheep sweat*, beaver urine*, butane, wax, dye,hydrogenated fats, 10+ aliases for sugarand a host of artificialflavors, sweeteners, etc.
listed as "natural flavor"
Our haunted youth
Today, one in 400 children under 20 has been diagnosed with diabetes, and over one third are overweight or obese!
Yet Americans will purchase over  $2.4 BILLION of Halloween candy (90 million lbs) this week alone.
Aware (to varying degrees) of the noxious effects of the candy, adults across the US nevertheless continue to trick our most susceptible age group into thinking it's a treat! And so, our youth continues to be plagued with obesity, diabetes, ADHD, depression, etc...
Time for the superhero costume
We must protect the little ghosts & ghouls from this week of sugary horror! As health conscious individuals, it is our responsibility to increase awareness and compel schools & neighbors to replace toxic candy with healthier store-boughtor homemade options!
No one likes the candy police. Just ensure your "healthy" candy tastes awesome or the poor little goblin will be stigmatized (no cardboard flavored rice chews)!

So let's trash the tricks, and treat the next generation to healthy Halloween superfood sweets  that will fuel their fun for years to come.
With Love,
Your Chocolate Girl Vanessa
 RECIPEgourmet raw pumpkin cheesecake by Chef Russell James   

BULK AND SAVE 15%....Save the Trick-or-Treat-ers!
Please, don't give those poor little goblins any of the usual toxic candy this Halloween. But don't punish them with boring treats... Be a neighborhood hero -  offer the cute ghosts & ghouls yummy superfood chocolate!
(Please note: we can only guarantee delivery date if you select Express Shipping)
The flavors you have come to "gno" and Love are now available in bite sized pieces at a great discount! 
Equal to 8 bars at 15% off! In a resealable kraft bag. Store in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months.
Our top 7 best-sellering flavors are available in limited quantities: Simplicity, SuperChoc, Pom Acai, Fleur de Sel, Coco Almond, Passion, and Deeply Dark.  Kids especially love SuperChoc, Passion, and Pom Acai
 (they're fruity & nut-free)!

1lb (16oz) value $55.20 -buy now for $47.53

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