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Rx: Gnosis Chocolate


testimonial by Steven C. Fischer, PhD, CNC, PC
Licensed Psychologist, Certified Nutritional Consultant
National Register of Health Service Providers in Psyschology


“Have you lost your mind?  You’re spending 9 bucks on a chocolate bar?.. You must be nuts!   

This is the typical reaction I get when I tell people about Gnosis Chocolate.  You see, most people have no idea what real food, highly nutritious food, costs.  That’s because Americans are used to an abundance of cheap processed food in which portions keep growing while quality keeps diminishing.  We have developed a mind set in which “more is better” so we continue to feed ourselves with empty calories thinking we are getting good value.  As both a nutritionist and a clinical psychologist, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the fact that we are the richest nation on earth, we also have the world’s poorest health.  We are in the midst of an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and chronic degenerative diseases which will topple this great country if we don’t do something soon.  The industrialization of our food supply has produced food so toxic that our bodies often can’t recognize it anymore.  The combination of high levels of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and oxidized rancid fats (think fat-free or low-fat foods) has contributed to a health crisis of unimaginable proportions.

So what on earth could make this chocolate worth $9 a bar?  Well, first of all it is made from real food.  By that, I mean food that is unprocessed and closest to its original form in nature.  There is no getting around it, real food, organically grown in its raw state costs more than its industrialized version.

Very few people know that cacao (the plant that chocolate comes from) is one of the healthiest foods on earth.  Since it grows in the jungle, it is loaded with an extraordinary amount of protective nutrients such as enzymes, minerals, anti-oxidants, and healthy neurotransmitters.  The problem lies in its bitter taste.  Virtually all chocolate as we know it today is processed with alkali, heated, and combined with sugar to make it taste good.  This processing destroys the magical qualities of cacao rendering it tasty but not very healthy. 

The beauty of Gnosis Chocolate is in its elegant simplicity.  Vanessa Barg has done what no one has done before her----that is, produce deliciously healthy organic chocolate using raw cacao, low glycemic sweeteners, and superfoods in unheard of combinations.

Secondly, and this is the most important reason, she makes all of her products by hand.  Handcrafting allows her to do what no machine can ever do…. infuse her products with love.  The care in which her products are designed, made, and packaged speaks volumes about her commitment to ultimate health and sustainability for our earth. 

Okay, so we have this gorgeous tasting, uniquely made chocolate bar that costs a pretty penny.  So what, there’s lots of expensive chocolates to choose from…you still haven’t convinced me it’s worth it. 

Simple….Gnosis Chocolate is worth it because IT WORKS!  In other words, when you eat this stuff, it works by making you healthier.  In my clinical practice, when patients begin to supplement their diet with Gnosis Chocolate, they discover they no longer have cravings for sweets and junk foods.  Gnosis is so nutrient dense that it satisfies food cravings, helps balance blood sugar, and leads to better eating. And better eating leads to weight loss.

My #1 recommendation to improve health and wellness is to elevate the quality of the food you eat.  Real food costs more but real food will heal you and allow you to live a healthy and prosperous life.  So there you have it…so go ahead and indulge yourself, you too can lose your mind for just $9 a day!  

Steven C Fischer, PhD, CNC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Certified Nutritional Consultant

32255 Northwestern Hwy. Suite 250
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 626-7082 
Fax: (248) 737-6091 


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