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FRESH ALMOND MILK with Sugar + Spice

By Meredith Geller, HHC

Fresh almond milk... Silky smooth, divine liquid nutrition. One of my all-time favorites! And using soaked almonds creates the best kind of almond milk by making it even moredigestible.

Almonds are high in magnesium, which help relax the nervous system, promote restful sleep, and is good for the heart. Plus, even though nuts are considered more of an acid-forming food, raw almonds (especially when soaked) contain more alkalinity than other nuts.

I have created this special almond milk recipe for Vanessa’s newsletter (unsolicited by her; adding a little Gnosis to recipes is always a good thing) using Gnosis' Immunity Hot Chocolate Elixir powder for a little extra spice! It is more warming to the body for the impending winter months + has other sexy ingredients. Include more to the recipe for a deeper, more chocolate-y taste.



2 cups of raw almonds
2 dates, pitted
1 vanilla bean (seeds)
½ TSB Gnosis Hot Chocolate powder
3 cups filtered water

Vitamix Blender (recommended)
Nut milk bag or cheesecloth
Small strainer


1. Soak almonds in filtered water overnight (at least 1 hours) in a glass or ceramic bowl, covering with a paper towel and leaving on the counter in your kitchen. Make sure the almonds are covered with water.

2. After soaking time is completed, strain and rinse almonds.

3. Add the almonds to your Vitamix along with 3 cups of fresh filtered water and blend on high speed. Make sure mixture is blended well.

4. Pour liquid through nut milk bag into a bowl or container. Squeeze all the excess “milk” through the bag.

5. Add strained almond milk back into Vitamix along with the rest of the ingredients and blend through a small strainer to keep milk tra smooth into a glass jar or container. If you want milk sweeter, add more dates.

Will keep in fridge for 3-4 days. Enjoy!!

I also want to include a few tips for Vanessa’s lovely readers that I share with all my clients:

** Chew your food + liquids. Digestion begins in the mouth, and swallowing food whole makes it more challenging for the body to break down that food for usable energy. Chew Chew CHEW! Yes, the liquids as well.

** Keep liquids (including water) away from solid food. Liquids will dampen digestive fire. If you are drinking a sparkling fresh green juice, it is going to be cleansing. Best rule of thumb: drink 30 minutes either before or after your meals.

Xx Meredith

Meredith Geller, HHC
Holistic Health and Lifestyle Consultant
Nutrition & Cleansing Specialist.

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