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So I continue to be surprised and delighted by more and more amazing (amazon) fruits!!   And I wanted to share the love :)
Cupuaçu, pronounced "koo-pwah-sue," is a melon-sized fruit that comes from a chocolate-like tree that grows in the Amazon basin, it's a hugely popular fruit in Brazil.  That tree is called Theobroma Grandiflorum.
Have you tasted this?  Whoa!  It has a delicate, exotic, creamy flavor - somewhere in between chocolate, pear and pineapple - sheer bliss!!  And guess what else?
Gnosis makes an off -the-charts Cupuacu spread and takes it up a few notches (as they do) by adding some insane raw ingredients, like Acai Berry, Aronia Berry, Coconut and Cacao Butter.  This makes it incredibly rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.
It's superb as a dip, especially with fruit!  Or you can spread it onto your favorite toast and use it to enhance any dessert. Though you might just find yourself just eating it straight from the jar like me!  
Claire <3
Cupuacu Powder

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