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Claire's Happiness Booster!

Raw Chocolate Orange Smoothie


I am drinking one as I type this and it’s so outrageously good, I think I've reached Nirvana. The reason?  Gnosis Cacao Powder has to be one of the best raw chocolate powder's I've ever tasted.  It's the real deal, free of free of any fillers, just pure raw cacao!


The synergy of orange and chocolate is rich and uplifting and you'll suddenly find yourself with a massive boost of happiness.  I think that's all we're really looking for, though this treat is also perfect after a hard workout, because Raw cacao is one of the top antioxidant foods in the world and super high in Magnesium.

Here’s the Recipe. Add or replace ingredients as you like:

Raw Chocolate Orange Smoothie
- 10oz nut milk (or coconut water)
- 2 tablespoons Gnosis Cacao powder (more if you like it v dark)
- 1 whole orange, juiced
- Zest from above 1/2 orange (or use orange essence)
- 1 frozen or fresh ripe banana
- 1 scraped vanilla pod (or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence)
- 1 tablespoon coconut oil (optional)
- I Medjool Date (or 1 tblsp Coconut Palm Sugar or Agave)
- Pinch Himalayan salt

- Ice 

You may need to add a little water depending on thickness.
Blend high for 30 seconds (twice) and then pour into a tall glass, sit down and do nothing else but savor every delicious sip.

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