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NYC Event Recap: Forgotten Foods & Gnosis Chocolate

Gnosis Chocolate features THE FORGOTTEN FOODS Event and Lecture:  
Opening Minds and Expanding Palettes One Chocolate Bar At A Time

I am a chocolate purist.  I don’t like other flavors overpowering the flavor of the cacao.  Fast forward to the Gnosis Chocolate+The Forgotten Foods event and lecture at Reflections Yoga on Sunday, July 10th.  Gnosis Chocolate made a special chocolate bar for the event called “Forgotten Foods” that included Cacao Beans, Agave Nectar, Goji Berries,
Miracle Emerald Greens 20th Power (a FORGOTTEN FOODS powder), Majestic Mushrooms and of course,  Love. Mushrooms in my chocolate? Are you kidding me?  In MY chocolate?  Okay, fine, I’ll try anything once.  Twice. Three times. Ten times later.  Mushrooms in my chocolate?  Okay, fine. You win.

The “Forgotten Foods” chocolate bar created by Lauren Gockley, the Gnosis Choclatier, and Vanessa Barg, owner/ founder of Gnosis Chocolate,  did NOT overpower the evening, although it was certainly the perfect dessert to a pretty incredible event.  The evening started out with a bang. Literally. Anthony Anderson, from, showed us his abs and talked about the  “dumpster diving/ freegan” lifestyle and his self-sustainable home and organic garden/orchard permaculture project in Minnesota where he is growing over 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables.  He gave us tips on ways to eat healthy and how to work out while watching TV.  His positive energy and hot body made me want to jump inside of a dumpster and do sit ups.  

Instead, I stayed to see Baratunde and Kayah Ma’at of “THE FORGOTTEN FOODS... REMEMBERED” dazzle the audience with samples of their healing Herbal Tinctures and relaxing Qi Gong exercises.  They taught us about the many benefits of Chinese Medicine and how their Herbal Tinctures have helped heal many people over the years.  After some deep breathing and a shot of their Blood Regenerating Tonic, we were ready to eat some chocolate.  Gnosis Chocolate was gracious enough to supply what seemed like a never ending batch of the “Forgotten Foods” chocolate and people lined up to try out the newest creation.  I noticed a similar reaction to the chocolate that I initially had. People would look confused, take a bite of the chocolate and then smile and say “WOW, this is delicious.”  And I would nod my head as if I knew all along.  

Thank you to Anthony Anderson, Gnosis Chocolate and The Forgotten Foods for expanding my mind and palette and I look forward to the next event and custom concoction...

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