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Going to Grenada!



In December '10, I visited my friend Mott Green in Grenada as part of my Raw Integrity Project. Of course I truly enjoyed learning so much from Mott and personally harvested cacao for the first time - which you can see here . But I also saw the children affected by the 70% unemployment rate, the lack of agricultural initiatives (besides Mott's organic cacao farm cooperative's expansion), and the degradation of buildings still lingering after the 2004 hurricane. I was moved to donate $250 out of pocket to a friend of Mott's who was helping children at an orphanage. I met a child who, abandoned by his parents, was used as a sex slave. Shortly after my return, my friend Clay Gordon introduced me to Neo Moreton of REACH Grenada and since then, my heart has yearned to reach out and help them on their mission!


Founded in 2008, REACH Grenada's mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of Grenada's most vulnerable children. REACH Grenada primarily works with children residing in Grenada's institutional homes where many were previously victims of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment. Their multi-dimensional programs include therapeutic services, mentoring, caregiver training and support, and yoga and meditation.  V-Shovel 

REACH Grenada has generously invited me to assist in their upcoming and help to spread the word about their work. I leave next Saturday and will head to the Grenadian Emergency Shelter Center.  


My schedule for the upcoming days with REACH starts at 7a and includes a day of manual labor, and a lot of sweat:
Project 1: Repair and Paint the Main Hall - prime & paint walls, clean up cracks in tiles, apply & smooth the grout.
Project 2: Create a Hopscotch Court - clear away debris, lay concrete, tape down & spray stencil for design.  


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to reach out and help this center. But beyond the work I'll do while in Grenada, I am excited about the work I'll continue upon my return. I believe the best way to help a country in need is through organic agriculture. I am in support of outsourcing work - but only if that work honors the culture of the people we are working with! Outsourcing technology does not support heritage, while organic agriculture is a powerful way to promote independence, economic health, and pride for their soil, their labor, the product of their soil. 


Won't you help me REACH Grenada?  



How can you help? The easiest & most delicious way to support Grenada is to buy this bar because we donate 15% of the bar's price to REACH Grenada! Partake in the beauty of giving and of Grenada's land, beaches & people by joining us on a volunteerism trip!  


 The REACH Grenada Bar: The Grenada Chocolate Company's bars are described to have notes of espresso, cream, and vanilla - and these are the same beans we use for our REACH Grenada Bar! They lend beautifully to the nutmeg I've added to honor The Spice Island!  


 Cacao Beans & Nibs (Grenada)*, Palm* & Agave Nectars*, Nutmeg*, Blue-Green Algae*, Vanilla*, Love. *organic         info     1oz (28g) $6

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