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The Importance of Exercise, by Elwin Robinson

Enjoy this post by our first guest blogger, Elwin Robinson of Lion Heart Herbs. Thanks Elwin! I'll be posting a personal response to this blog and maybe even before & after photos here as I begin my own exercise journey!


Everyone knows exercise is important. It makes you healthier in pretty much every way, it makes you feel good, and, if you stick with it, it makes you look good too. My question for you is this: Why, if it’s so amazingly good, do most of us, so often, resist doing exercise?

How can you find the energy to go to the gym, or go to the park for a run, even when you’re not in the mood? The tendency to have drive, to have get up and go, to have the confidence to push yourself forward, is always present when you have adequate amounts of a particular type of energy, which the Taoists called Yang Jing. Yang Jing relates to having good amounts of the sex and adrenal hormones, as well as neurotransmitters like dopamine, which motivate us to achieve.

When your reserves of Yang Jing are drained, it can seem almost impossible to motivate yourself to do any more than you have to, and few of us see exercise as absolutely crucial.

So how can you get this energy, Yang Jing, back? A lot can be regained just by adequate rest, recuperation and relaxation. However, sometimes that just doesn’t do it. In that situation, you would definitely benefit from using Yang Jing herbs and Superfoods. Some of the more well known and best ones include Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps, Ginseng, Epimedium, and Moringa.

If even these don’t get you going, this can be a sign of severe energy depletion, probably caused by consistent stress or trauma, and a more complete program may be required to build up your very depleted reserves, something like my Easy Exhaustion Cure program, which I created to show you, step, by step, everything you need to get from a stressed, fatigued, depleted state, to having an abundance of energy.


Acidity and Endurance

Acidity is just a natural byproduct of many of the processes of the body, and it tends to build up especially quickly with any stress, including the exertion of exercise. The more you can stave off the build up of acidity, the more endurance you have.

We can neutralize this acidity to some degree by taking alkaline substances, like greens, but the most important factors to keep acidity from building up to the point where you get exhausted or ill is:

  1. Proper Breathing. Most of us breathe in a way that causes acidity to be built up in the body. Proper breathing means breathing from the abdomen, not the chest, and emphasizing breathing out fully and slowly. This allows acids to be excreted instead of building up.
  2. Strong and healthy Kidneys. Your kidneys take on the burden of the extra acidity your lungs can’t excrete. They can be supported by : 1 proper hydration, using adequate amounts of fresh Spring water 2 by nutrient dense green Superfoods, like chlorella, blue green algae and spirulina, and 3 with Kidney Tonic Herbs, especially Yin Jing herbs, which form the majority of the newly available Rejuvenate Herbal Tea Blend.

I’m particularly fond of the PowerChoc Bar to support regular exercise, because it actually contains very powerful herbs and superfoods that assist your body to build up both of these energies: Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps and Maca to build up Yang Jing, and Goji Berries, Chlorella, Spirulina and Blue green Algae to build up Yin Jing.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that after exercise, and in fact any stress, you hydrate properly. Go to Find A Spring and discover where your nearest source of fresh spring water is, and drink as much as you can. Lastly, replace the basic electrolytes that get used up by stress - especially Magnesium - in a form that your body can actually use. I recommend Magnesium Oil for this.

You’ll find with this new approach, where you’re really supporting your body rather than getting frustrated with it when it gets low in energy, exercise will become a pleasure and a joy to you too, and you’ll find it so pleasurable that you’ll soon be feeling, and looking, great!

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