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My name is Rosanne Spinner and I live in New Hyde Park, New York.  I'm a holistic health coach as well as the laughter yoga leader of "Spinner's Grinner's" Laughter Yoga Club.  Growing up for me had its challenges.  My mother was very ill from the time I was 6 years old until her death 25 years later.  Junk foods and candy were my comfort during those years. 

By the time I was a young adult, I had reached an unmanageable weight.   I had to learn to deconstruct my cravings, and then, the cravings went away.  I gave up sugary junk foods and LOST 100 pounds.  But what I GAINED was a compassion to help others find their truth.  In addition, I'm a grateful breast cancer survivor since 1997.   I became a board-certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2009 which was "the journey of a lifetime".  I've become very intrigued with the therapeutic and preventive health benefits of laughter yoga, and that, I believe, is where I found my dharma.  In addition, I refer people with various health concerns to my fellow IIN health coaches through my business, Rosanne Spinner Holistic Health, Inc. These days, I eat whole foods, no added sugar, very little (humanely raised) red meat, as well as poultry and fish. 

As I gave up sugar in 1975 (cold turkey), I was very happy to meet and be introduced to Vanessa and sample her scrumptious Gnosis Chocolate during the school year at IIN.  I remember how heavenly it was, and I was so happy that it is soy-free as well.  I saved the wrapper in a special file folder, and recently placed an order.  The only flavor I've tried so far is "Simplicity".  What I like about Gnosis Chocolate is that their ingredients are JUST what I was looking for.  Many other so-called healthy chocolates have beet sugar, cane juice, and/or soy lecithin in them.  I recently made a batch of Black Bean Fudge Brownies using Gnosis chocolate, and they were delicious - a little goes a long way with flavor, too - which I love, since I'm calorie conscious.  The message that I would like to impart to those reading this is:  although I was a binge eater - this chocolate is NOT something that I am tempted to binge on, but rather savor slowly.  It is obvious that a lot of care went into the Gnosis recipe and I'm so grateful for the syncronicity that put me and Gnosis chocolate in the same place at the right time!  I tell everyone I know that Gnosis Chocolate is the only chocolate that I believe in!

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