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New Superfood : Cupuacu!

Cupuacu (theobroma grandiflorum)

Theobroma Grandiflorum ("coo poo ah sue") is the sister tree to Theobroma Cacao - also known as Chocolate! This is seriously my FAVORITE new super fruit - being Chocolate Girl how could I not want everyone to love my sister Cupuacu! Like so many wonderful things from Brazil (like Camu Camu, Cacao, and of course Acai!) Cupuacu is well worth a taste! 

Our Freeze-Dried Cupuacu is USDA & IBD Certified Organic, Kosher and promotes Fair Trade. Grown in fertile, well drained soil in the canopy of the Brazilian Rainforest, Cupuacu is considered the most promising of all fruits from the lush Amazon. This newest super fruit discovery is known for its creamy exotic tasting pulp, which has a prized exotic taste, combining elements of chocolate, bananas and passion fruit. The pulp is used throughout Brazil and Peru to make fresh juice, ice cream, jam and tarts (and, in the Gnosis Chocolate kitchen - for truffles and more coming!)

Indigenous peoples and local communities along the Amazon have cultivated Cupuacu as a primary food source for generations. In former times, the seeds were traded along the Rio Negro and Upper Orinoco rivers where indigenous people drink Cupuacu juice after it has been blessed by a shaman to facilitate difficult births. The beans are utilized by the indigenous Tikuna people for abdominal pains. I've tried some Cupuacu Bean 'chocolate' which is absolutely extraordinary and we're in the midst of getting some for you!

Cupuacu contains unique Polyphenols (Antioxidant Phytonutrients) called Theograndins, with incredibly potent antioxidant properties found nowhere else on earth. Add to this an abundance of 9 other powerful antioxidant, including Vitamins A and C, and Cupuacu becomes a truly full spectrum antioxidant. This incredible Superfood is also filled with Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Phosphorous, Fiber, and Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 (Niacin). With such a rich profile and deliciously exotic taste, you will see why Cupuacu is considered a delicacy throughout South America.

Research is currently underway to determine if Cupuacu, or isolated Theograndins in Cupuacu, will have a place in cancer therapy due to its ability to effectively kill colon cancer cells in laboratory tests. Cupuacu is traditionally used by indigenous peoples as a major food source, to alleviate abdominal pain, and to aid in difficult births. Many new health benefits have now been discovered... Cupuacu is believed to address:

  • Anti-Aging, Increased Energy & Stamina, Mental Function/Alertness, Immune System Support, Stabilize and Neutralize Free Radicals, Strengthen Cardiovascular System, Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Colon Health, Skin Rejuvenation, Healthy Hair, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Digestive System, High Blood Pressure, Protect Artery Walls, Diabetes, Sooth Intestinal Tract, Cataracts, Age Related Macular Degeneration

Directions: Cupuacu is a delicious treat when added to your favorite mylk, smoothies, cereal, ice cream, or a young coconut!

Finding Cupuaçu in Gnosis Chocolate!


Cupuacu Acai Spread (2 sizes)
Cashews*, Cacao Butter*, Agave Nectar*, Coconut*, Cupuacu Fruit*, Aronia Berry*, Acai Berry*, Vanilla Bean*, Love. *organic     More Info

Net Wt 2oz (56g) $6     

 Net Wt 8oz (224g) $18     


Passion Collection Truffles 3 piece truffle box $1049

1 ea: Aphrodisia Truffle, Cupuacu Truffle, White Rose Truffle


Raw Organic Cupuacu Powder Net Wt 4oz (112g) $25

For use in all your home recipes - from smoothies to ice cream!

Origin: Brazil (very little is needed - approx 1tsp makes your smoothies taste like passion fruit!) 




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