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Meet Clay Gordon

Clay Gordon, Consultant for Gnosis Chocolate, is the most recent addition to Team Gnosis! Clay Gordon is the founder of the thriving online community, The Chocolate Life, a haven for chocophiles. He has also written Discover Chocolate a book detailing all aspects of chocolate, from cacao farm to chocolate bar.

Gordon has been seriously involved in the chocolate industry for 15 years, lecturing, writing, and teaching about chocolate. Since 2001, his thoughts on chocolate have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Business Week, to name a few.

Formerly concerned with only conventional chocolate, with Gnosis Chocolate, Gordon marks has been reseraching the growing, processing, and benefits of raw chocolate. He recognizes this non-conventional treat as an interesting emerging market, and a complex chemistry project. There are many variables that must be changed from a conventional chocolate to a raw chocolate including a cacao bean’s fermentation, roasting, and conching.

According to Gordon, on “My mission and goals have evolved along with my knowledge about, and appreciation for, chocolate. I did not decide on chocolate because I was passionate about it, I became passionate about chocolate through my long study and close association with people who are passionate about it. For me, chocolate is a lens through which I learn about geopolitics, history, agronomy, science, technology, cuisine, cultural anthropology, and much more.”

We’re having a blast learning from, and working with you, Clay!

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