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How Sweet it Is: Agave Nectar

Recently there has been a lot of banter about sweeteners, which sweeteners are healthy? Should we limit or avoid our intake?

Agave is the primary sweetening ingredient in all Gnosis Chocolate bars. Thanks to this pleasant cactus-sourced nectar, our chocolate is light, airy, and delicious.

What is it exactly? Agave is a pure and natural sweetener made from the natural juice (aguamiel) of the agave salmiana, a cactus specie that grows in Central Mexico.

First, your questions.
1. I heard that agave is not raw because it is processed at 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Our agave is raw and you can read ALL ABOUT our agave on Vanessa's Agave Report - where she visitied the Agave Farms in Mexico!

2. Is agave a low-glycemic food? It is! Agave has a low glycemic index in the range of 25. To put this number is perspective, this is where some other common foods lie on the index: Corn Flakes have a glycemic index of 119; White bread=112, Rice=83, Honey=83, Apple=54, peas=32

3. Why would you use agave over other sweeteners? Because agave tastes very sweet naturally, less is required to achieve a palatable taste. An item sweetened with agave (over, for example, can sugar)will have a lower caloric value. 2/3 cup of agave equals the sweetness of one cup of table sugar.


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