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The rise of the Salt Tooth

Later today you will see a new flavor on Fleur de sel... or as we like to call it in the kitchen Raw Star Salt Bar! So what is it about salt that helps a person stay healthy?

1. Sea salt packs a mineral punch. Compared with table salt’s two minerals, fleur de sel has 92, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium!

2. Salt helps with digestion

3. Salt is a strong natural antihistamine,  essential for the prevention of muscle cramps.


The salt throughout Raw Star Salt Bar is fleur de sel. What's that? See below!

Fleur de Sel, naturally moist, and so fine it requires no grinding is harvested without any machinery.

The crystals are hand-harvested by artisan salt workers in France, called paludiers, whose method of skimming the top of the salt marsh with rakes traces back 1000 years. The salt dries naturally by sun and wind.

I (Sarah) picked this kind of salt because it has a "sparkly" effect in one's mouth unlike any of the others salts. It is light and complements the slight sweetness of the chocolate wonderfully.

Topping off the bar for a decorative pink flourish is Himalayan Crystal Salt. It is mined in India out of rock and its pink color makes it quite eye-catching!


So check out the fleur de sel bar, it was quite a hit at our NYC launch party last night... More parties to come so keep your eyes peeled :)



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