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Bulk Superfoods

We source each ingredient with the utmost care and work to ensure our entire supply chain operates with as much integrity as we maintain in our kitchen.

Every ingredient we use is grown organically with no GMOs and is vegan, kosher, and free of fillers, gluten, soy, dairy, and refined sugars.

Our superfoods are packaged in resealable pouches and have a 6-12 month shelflife.
Please note certain items may be identified in handwriting rather than by label as shown.

Should you desire a superfood not listed here, don’t hesitate to inquire!


Cacao Powder 1lb $16
Origin: Bali

Cacao Nibs 1lb $15
Origin: Madagascar

Sweet Nibs 1lb $14
Origin: Bali

Cacao Butter 1lb $18
Origin: Bali


Coconut Sugar 1lb $7
Origin: Bali


Maca Root
1lb $16
Origin: Peru OUT OF STOCK

Lucuma 1lb $18
Origin: Peru

Mesquite 1lb $16
Origin: Peru


Bing Cherries 1lb $18

Goldenberries 1lb $18
Origin: Peru


 Cranberries 1lb $12
Origin: USA


Goji Berries 1lb $18
Origin: China 


Acai Berry 1/4lb $13
Origin: Brazil

Maqui Berry 1/4lb $14
Origin: Chile - wild

Aronia Berry  1/4lb $14
Origin: USA


 1/4lb $14
Origin: Iran


1lb $15
Origin: Spain

Mulberries 1lb $15
Origin: Indonesia  



Passionfruit 1/4lb $14

  Origin: Brazil

Mangosteen 1/4lb $14
Origin: Indonesia


Pistachios 1lb $18
Origin: USA


Brazil Nuts 1lb $16
Origin: USA

Hazelnuts 1lb $15
Origin: Spain

Pecans 1 lb $16
Origin: USA


Don’t see what you’re looking for here?
Contact me with which ingredient you are looking for, and how much of it!