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Made with respect for the origins of cacao, the well-being of our society, and Earth's natural majesty, Gnosis products celebrate health and integrity.  To ethically sourced cacao, we add low glycemic sweeteners and high nutrition superfoods - resulting in an exquisite balance of flavor and function.  Elegantly packaged with only the most sustainable of materials, Gnosis is an indulgence to delight both palate and conscience.

Gnosis was founded by Vanessa Barg, a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor.  Vanessa began making chocolate to help her clients towards a healthy, satisfying diet they could truly enjoy.  Her background in nutrition and the culinary arts motivated her creation of recipes with superfoods and medicinal herbs from around the globe.  Vanessa works directly with farmers and cooperatives at origin to develop organic agriculture initiatives and fair labor practices.




 At Gnosis, we believe that with the right mix of superfoods in your diet, you can stave off (or at least lessen) seasonal illnesses that arise when your body becomes stressed. This was our inspiration behind the creation of our Immunity Bar, one of the most popular and deeply healing raw chocolate bars being churned by hand out of our dear New York City kitchen. So what is inside this bar to make it so immune-boosting? We took a three-point approach in its creation: warming spices, seasonal flavors, and herbs known to boost the immune system. The breakdown is below:

Be warmed by flavorful spices: Cardamom (digestion, detoxification, Cinnamon (glucose metabolism, circulation, cognitive fuction & memory), and Cloves (circulation, helps to fight infection).

Be comforted by flavors of the season: Pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium, l-tryptophan for depression), Cranberries (vitamin C, probiotic, proanthocyanidins for urinary tract), and Black Currants (vitamin C, gamma-linoleic acid rare essential fatty acid, anthocyanins to reduce inflammation) 

Strengthen your immune system with traditional herbs:  Echinacea (Native American Herbalism: flavonoids, polysaccharides, phenols, alkylamides activate white blood cells for immunity), Ginseng(Traditional Chinese Medicine: ginsenosides for endurance, stamina, endurance, stress reduction), Chaga (folk medicine since the 16th century: used as an anti-tumor, anti-viral and adaptogenic herb).


CinnaPecan Truffles feature the same warming spices and immune-boosting properties as the Immunity Bar.  This time, they travel by the vessel of velvety stone-ground pecan creme (abundant with oleic acid, beta-sitosterol - a natural cholesterol-lowering compound), gently sweetened by Coconut Palm Sugar - a low-glycemic, sustainable sweetener full of B vitamins and minerals, including phosphorous, potassium, protein, magnesium, and calcium.  In addition to Echinacea, Ginseng, and Chaga, these truffles are also fortified with Rose Hips (for Vitamin C), Fennel Pollen (one of the only foods on earth containing Vitamin D!) and Burdock (herbal detox remedy used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure sore throats and colds!).  This immune-building powerhouse is enrobed in our 70% raw Balinese cacao shell.


Because we want to give you plenty of options when it comes to fulfilling your chocolate cravings as you nourish your body, we also offer many other Immune-Boosting products!

The Immunity Trail Mix is like a deconstructed Immunity Bar, also featuring raw cacao nibs, bite-sized chunks of our raw chocolate, and dried persimmons (a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Fiber) - perfect raw fuel for hiking! 

The Immunity Hot Chocolate Elixir combines the herbs and spices that make up our Immunity Bar with our raw organic cacao powder, which makes a delicious hot chocolate, smoothie addition, or unexpected kick to baked goods.




Our SugarPlum GingerBread bar brings the warm, inviting flavor of gingerbread to a raw chocolate bar; tongue-tingling spices that will warm your mouth and as they soothe your soul: the fiery bite of ginger (long regarded as a cure for the common cold) is complemented by the powerhouse pair of cinnamon and clove (treasure troves of antioxidant goodness), delicately scented with nutmeg, and overlaid with the soft caramel sweetness of low-glycemic coconut palm sugar. Amazonian lúcuma brings carotenes and B-vitamins, keeping you joy-filled and healthy through the hustle and bustle of the most wonderful time of the year and beyond.  

Our Pumpkin Spice Truffles are like pumpkin pie dipped in chocolate!    These raw truffles are hand-filled with a smooth stone-ground pumpkin creme, spiced with the warmth of cardamom & ginger, and infused with herbs and superfoods for your endurance: potent maca root, effervescent ginger, Siberian ginseng, cinnamon, nutmeg, Cordyceps mushroom, and vanilla beans.  

Our Mayan Heat bar is for those who crave a kick of spice this holiday season!  This bar combines our raw cacao with the heart-opening, metabolism-boosting heat of cayenne pepper - a combination which has been enjoyed for thousands of years. We also include cinnamon, hawthorn, and nutmeg to further enhance your circulation.  It's a true honor to bring a new twist to this ancient, revered combination!  

The  CinnaFig bar offers the rich sweetness and antioxidant support of figs, the fiber and further antioxidants of cranberries and black currants, and the subtle warmth and glucose-metabolizing power of cinnamon.  These ingredients, powerful in both flavor and function, perfectly complement the taste and robust nutrition of our raw, dark chocolate.

For your gift-giving pleasure, we also feature multiple holiday gift collections in various sizes!  

Our small Holiday Collection features one each of our warmest, coziest bars, our Immunity Hot Chocolate Elixir, CinnaPecan truffles, and Chocolate Cinnamon Soap to care for your outsides as our chocolate nourishes your insides!

Our large Holiday Collection will keep your loved ones satisfied and chocolate-filled well into the New Year:  in addition to all of our favorite holiday chocolate bars, it contains a 24-piece box of our assorted truffles, Immunity Trail Mix, and all three flavors of our medicinal herbs-infused, gently sweetened Hot Chocolate Elixirs.  

For gift-giving year  round, we also offer many other Gift Collections (such as our Dark Collection for the dark chocolate enthusiast, and our Passion Collection that we created in celebration of love!) Our gift collections are lovingly gift-wrapped, with your gift note included.