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Bali OrigiNib Bar

Ingredients: Cacao Beans (Bali)*, Cacao Nibs (Bali)*, Coconut Sugar (Bali)*, Turmeric*, Pyramid Sea Salt (Bali)*, Love. *organic

Net Wt. 1oz $6

Big Tree Farms in Bali is a truly beloved source.

They directly cultivate ethical trade with over 15,000 Indonesian farmers, with emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

Chocolate Girl visited the BTF cacao, coconut sugar, and cashew farms, as well as their facilities to ensure Raw Integrity. David Wolfe - authority on raw food and superfood nutrition - also made the journey and reported his findings which are available online. Vanessa will be writing her report on her visit to Bali, complete with photos and videos.

Learn more about Big Tree Farms!